Attica is an ideal place begin to your journey. While mooring by the various marinas along the south coast or the great port of Piraeus, there are always more than enough choices for you, your family or your company to enjoy your time here.

Quality leisure, dining and relaxation options at the capital of Greece are always available to all. Also, the Saronic Gulf embraces Athens and Piraeus in the most welcoming manner, so as to lead you to destinations that are not far to reach: Aegina with its ancient monuments and temples, as well as it nightlife, Salamis, with its history and beauty, Hydra with its classy architecture and amazing hospitality and Poros with is picturesque scenery.

All there to discover, enjoy and share!


Suggested Route

One Week Athens - Athens (Kalamaki)
Total Distance 123 NM
Day Port NM
1 Kalamaki  
2 Methana 25
3 Hydra 16
4 Spetses 16
5 Poros 32
6 Aegina 17
7 Kalamaki 13